Next Series

 “NEXT” series is designed to help you take your next step.





The Way 101

This first course presents an introduction to the main concepts of the Bible: sin, grace, faith, and works. “The Way 101” also gives learners an overview of the Way’s mission and our core values as you get to hear from current members about what it means to be a part of our family.


His Word 201

“His Word 201” explores the wonders of God’s word: God’s creation of the world, how evil came into the world, and God’s promises throughout the Old Testament of how he was going to set things right. Together we study how a Savior was promised that would come and restore our relationship with God. This unit of lessons explores the person and work of Jesus, the blessings of prayer, and the means of grace.




Your Walk 301

This final course focuses on your walk as a child of God and the relationship that we have with others.  We learn how the Holy Spirit has brought together the Church and preserves us in faith.  Finally, we see how God, the Holy Spirit, has uniquely equipped you for your callings in life, and we discover ways you can use your gifts to get connected at The Way.




To find out your next step and join The Way’s “Next” series contact Pastor Matt.