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Next Gen Week Week 4: Fathers Affect the Faith of Future Generations


By “Christian bubble” I mean the subculture Christians create that allows us to conduct our entire life having minimal contact with anything “secular.” Our discomfort with the discomfort keeps us in the bubble, and it has some serious consequences.

 - Bubble Wrapped by Trevor Lee, Pastor

List two consequences of the “Christian bubble.”

Father Factor

1.  When the father attends church regularly the chance that the child regularly attends church as an adult is __________%.

2.  ______________ _____________________ ______________________ (____ _____________________ _____) affects the faith of future generations.

Gender Gap

·     61% women and 39% men (13 million more women than men) are practicing Christians in the US.

* The gap occurs in every age category, and is thus not due to the fact that women live longer than men. The gap is also unique to Christianity among all world religions.

·     Women are _______ than men

o  57% more likely to participate in Bible class

o  56% more likely to serve in an ongoing position

o  54% more likely to participate in a small group

o  46% more likely to disciple others

o  39% more likely to have a devotional time or quiet time

o  33% more likely to volunteer for a church

o  29% more likely to read the Bible

o  29% more likely to share faith with others

o  23% more likely to donate to a church

o  16% more likely to pray

* David Murrow records in his book, “Why Men Hate Going to Church,” research conducted by George Barna.

3.  Evaluate these stats. Offer a theory for why men are missing in churches in America.

What are we going to do about it?

4. Below we will explore three ways fathers, mothers, others, etc. can exasperate children. For each of the three ways we will a) identify the opposite (positive) action and b) illustrate it by giving an example you have seen in your life. 

· ______________________________

o   A Positive (an opposite): ______________________________

o  An Illustration: ______________________________

· ______________________________

o   A Positive (an opposite): ______________________________

o  An Illustration: ______________________________

· ______________________________

o   A Positive (an opposite): ______________________________

o  An Illustration: ______________________________ 

5. How can The Way family help dads do that?