Non-Profit Partner

To love and serve our neighbors, we partner with area non-profit groups.

Another Day Suicide Prevention & Awareness

You voted and chose “Mental Health America of Fredericksburg: Suicide Prevention & Awareness” as our non-profit of the quarter. Over the next three months, we will look for different ways we can partner and serve with Mental Health America of Fredericksburg as a whole Church, as Groups, and as individuals. Here’s just one way… 

This SUNDAY – October 24th – pack a picnic and your walking shoes. After worship, we will meet at the park at The Massed Family YMCA and walk to support our non-profit of the quarter and *gather together* to enjoy a picnic in the park.

Click here to donate/register for the walk. 

All proceeds from the “2021 Another Day Suicide Prevention & Awareness” walk will fund MHAfred's suicide prevention programs, support groups for teens, and peer-to-peer groups for family members who lost a loved one to suicide.