An honest look at the foundational teachings of the Christian faith.

No matter what your religious beliefs or spiritual background, this class is for you!

Before you make up your mind about church or religion, you owe it to yourself to hear and learn what the Bible actually says – about God’s love, about you, about God’s love for you, and God’s purpose for your life. 

Foundations is a free, 12-lesson course that takes an honest look at the foundational teachings of Christianity. WE invite you to figure out your faith once and for all in a relaxed, non-judgmental setting. 

Lunch and Childcare are provided for FREE!  

Times, Locations, & Directions

The Way Church meets every weekend at the Massad Family YMCA in Fredericksburg, VA.

  • To begin 2020, Foundations will meet on the 19th of January. Beginning in February,  Foundations will meet every first Sunday of the month at Noon.

  • Other meeting times and locations vary for the Foundation Class. See the form below.

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